Puzzle - Jigsaw Puzzle - Lokadyaksh Theme- 60pcs Puzzle For Kids


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This painting tells the story of Krishnaí_í_Œés departure from his home in Vrindavan to Mathura, where he has been called to attend to his royal duties. Here, he is seen seated in the chariot with his brother Balarama. The charioteer Akrura is ready to start the journey. The Gopikas excruciatingly pained to see their Krishna leave, try to block the passage of the chariot. Some of them try to hold the horses back, while others attempt to block the wheels of the chariot from rolling on. While some try to hold back Akrura, others are enveloped in their sorrow and weep standing alongside the path.

Products highlights:
* Dimensions: 25.4 x 22.8 x 5 cms
* For ages 5 Years to 7 Years
* Material: Cardboard
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