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Hand-painted Flames of Compassion T-shirt

₹999.00 INR

Hand-painted by artisans, the design on this grey T-shirt is inspired by the art of tattooing. Made of 100%-combed cotton (extremely soft cotton), the material is very comfortable on the skin while the acrylic fabric colours used for the design enhance the intricate details.
The hand-painted fire tattoo exemplifies a brisk nature of your personality. It heats up our hearts, quicken our minds, lifts up our spirits. It also paints a picture of affirmation and meditation. The temperament of a man wearing this grey t-shirt would show with fire symbol his never-ending energy. This RANGRAGE t-shirt shall be owned by someone who believes in aggression.

Product Highlights
Available Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
Fabric: 100% Combed Cotton
Color: Grey
Hand-painted trendy design
Package Contain: 1 x T-Shirt