Hand-painted Steampunked Jeans

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Nerdy is the bespectacled unassuming guy who loves data. He has a beautiful mind and a matter-of-fact attitude. He loves delving into technology and data. He is a style statement of his own.’Çíë_’Çíë_’Çíë_’Çíë_

Spice up your SQ:’Çíë_The Nerdy hand-painted denim is open for experiments. Wear it with printed slogan tees that talk about your philosophy.

HowäóÁ—çí_Œés this hand-painted denim fashionably special?

  • This hand-painted denim has been created in 24 man hours.’Çíë_
  • Hand-painted denims are challenging. Each design requires the artist to paint some’Çíë_parts, then pause so it could dry and start painting the rest again. ItäóÁ—çí_Œés an intricate process.’Çíë_
  • The more intricate the design, the more number of man hours it takes.
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