Hand-painted Feather Marvel Jeans


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The feminine is the quintessential girl-next-door from Venus. She loves to flaunt her feminity through her intricate thoughtfulness and care. She is old-fashioned and í«í_likes details. She weaves, knits, sews meticulously every single part of her life.

Spice up your SQ: Get lots of peach, pink, burgundy, purple and maroon tops to pair it up with the Feminine hand-painted denim.

How is Hand-painted denim fashionably special?

  • This hand-painted denim has taken 72 man hours.
  • Hand-painted denims are challenging. Each design requires the artist to paint some parts, then pause so it could dry and start painting the rest again. ItäóÁ—Ès an intricate process.
  • The more intricate the design, the more number of man hours it takes.
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