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The Rage of Rang

Rang is colour. We are a bunch of art-crazed people bitten by the aesthetic bug so much so that each of our designs slips into our lives.  We want to infuse art in everyday life and make it not only affordable but also usable. In addition, we want each of our products to tell an inspiring tale. We want your pillow cover as aesthetic as that cotton tee you will wear for that party. We want your guests to see what our artist saw while painting a wooden tea tray. And while we do this, some unsung artist somewhere gets his due. Each of our products inspires you for an element of life you have never noticed before. Sometimes our designs may take into the lap of nature, other times they may trigger a rebellion against corruption. Each of our designs is a story in itself. More so because they are hand-painted by artists whose life stories continue to inspire us.

We are Rang Rage - a design house of apparels and home décor based in Indore, India - out on a mission to inspire aesthetics in your eating, drinking, sleeping, wearing and pretty much your living. As a bonus, Rang Rage is happy to create a strong social impact on the artists and their families.

A pilgrim at the fashion Mecca

The inspiration for a brand like Rang Rage had to be born at the Mecca of fashion – Paris. While marveling at the beauty of Eiffel Tower, our founder Gagan felt several pairs of eyes on him. As it turned out, every tourist found the hand-printed design on his denim pretty curious. Who knew that his wife Neeti’s slight touch of art would trigger an idea that would eventually become Rang Rage! Rang Rage, through its unique business endeavour, supports artists all across India and spreads the aesthetic love.

 How we do it?

Oh we cannot do it without our team of 50 artists. Rang Rage has a  team of core artists and designers who work on product development along with a large base of freelance painters who work with us as-and-when an order comes. Rang Rage takes pride in this team of artists that comprises housewives, art students, teachers and even film poster painters. We are happy to create a social impact through a business enterprise that is guaranteed to serve only exclusivity to our customers.

Why we are interesting?

Rang Rage is interesting because we give our customers a plethora of hand-painted designs that are supporting a whole community of artists. These artists get a kick out of your satisfaction. We wish that you not only wear but also have fun while you do. Each of our products is unique. Imagine that your apparels, cushions, tissue box, alarm clocks, bags, clutches, belts are the canvases of our artists. So once a design spills out of the artist’s mind onto these products, it will not be replicated. You possess something you never had, and nobody will ever have.  It will have a unique signature, that won’t be forged. What you own shall tell a grand tale! And back here in Indore, an artist shall smile.