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There’s something inherently pleasing about well-made, well designed items, particularly those that we keep close to us, and it is no different to the wall clocks that we have in our home. RANGRAGE Wall clocks are not only gorgeous in their simplicity and detailed design, but the added bonus of a silent, therefore non-ticking time keeper so close to hand is great.

These are not Wall Clocks, These are WALL ART!

That’s why those of you with an eye for what’s distinct in design might want to take a closer look at our shop online and check out what’s on sale and in store for you. It’ll be a unique way to spend time exploring the art and craft of time-keeping for your living room, kitchen, office, bathroom or, for that matter, any space with room for something eye-catching in metal, square, round, and what have you in the form of a clock that talks of things beyond time.

RANGRAGE by MAFATLAL : Home Fashion for the CREATIVE Types!

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