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Posted on January 16 2018

Wondering what could it be that could give your home a simple but classic makeover? Purse string being tight is not uncommon and hence if you too are one of those who are looking for a makeover of their personal spaces without spending the big buck then here is the deal for you and some suggestions from our end at RANGRAGE. We at RANGRAGE are in the business of making memorable products to give a distinct look to your homes. Our decor and home furnishing range is one of a kind and quite the types that could give your plain walls to speak in. Here are some suggestions that could give the room and the walls a dash of creativity and give the right look with RANGRAGE. Read them...

Wall Paintings

Wall Paintings Online India

Do you love paintings? We all do so. Paintings are beautiful, colourful and classy. They can make any wall look more alive. If you are looking for some amazing paintings but of course not the kinds that require a hefty investment then you can try seeing our wall paintings section that can give you some great options at a great price. Choose one now and see your wall come live with it. We have a range of paintings created by our freelance artists that are available at very affordable prices. Take your pick now and see the look of your house change in no time.

Wall Clocks

Handcrafted Wall Clocks Online
Very often we find people who are more utilitarian in their approach, even when it comes to the utilities in their homes. If you too are one of them then we would definitely suggest that you have a look at our wall clocks online. We have a lovely range of them, starting from vintage wall clocks to designer wall clocks. These are classic statement pieces that are sure to attract some good attention and give some love to your plain walls at home. Clocks add utility while at the same time they make the wall look more occupied. Add some awesome time pieces to your home.

Wall Murals

Wall Murals Online Shopping
Wall murals could also help your walls get some breather. We have options of panelled wall murals that could add a dash of sophistication and funkiness to your walls. These are pieces that will change the feel of the room. If you are the arty kinds and would love this kind of a feel then pick some panel arts from our website for the cooler look to your personal room or den.

Do check out our website if you want to give some much needed makeover to your room and your house. We have a range of home furnishings and home decor that you can choose from.


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