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Unique Wedding Gift Ideas From RANGRAGE

Posted on February 19 2018

Best Quality Designs Of Wedding Gifts

With the wedding season set in you must be getting invited for scores of wedding functions and events. The wedding season still has a few more months to go and hence you can expect a few more wedding invites coming your way. Weddings are great fun to go to - dressing up, dance, singing, fun and happiness. But, what we find most annoying and difficult is the gifting that comes up during the wedding season. Very often people land up carrying forward wedding gifts but when it is someone close, a close friend or a colleague you might want to actually take an effort and gift something special to them.
We at RANGRAGE are in the business of home decor and home furnishings from long and also have an idea or expertise you can say, in matters of home decor as gifts and hence here are some suggestions from our side.

Printed cushion covers

Cushion Covers Online
Married people are going to be settling in new spaces. Whether they are living on their own or they are with in laws, they are going to have some private space to themselves alone. For their couches and for their sofa loungers, gift some really funky or really classy printed cushion covers. We have an amazing range of printed cushion covers that are quite different for those in the market. This is because all are prints churned out by individual freelance artists across the country who design for us specially.
Sure, your gift is not going to be repetitive in nature.

Table Clocks

online table clock
A lovely timepiece for a new time in their lives! You can gift your friends some amazing table clocks. Table clocks especially large wall clocks are more personal in nature. Our online range include clocks which can be kept by the bedside or on their office desks. Check our range of cool table clocks that are sure to steal the deal for you. There is no way that a table clock can go waste!

Table Runners

online table runners
Table runners are quite useful and in fact most people I know are always looking for table runners for their living area tables and dining area tables. Choose from a wide variety of table runners we have online on our website and let your friends enjoy all these utilitarian gifts on their weddings, they sure are going to remember you for them.

Hope our suggestions might have helped you address your gifting issues this wedding season.
However, these are some of the best and top wedding gift ideas. You can actually check our website and see if there is anything else that would suit the taste and sophistication of your friend. We have a range of other products that you can use and think of gifting your friends. So just log onto our website and check the range and get it shipped directly to your home or to your friend’s home. Choose well and we are sure your gift will not get lost in the heap of gifts they receive!

Also, don’t forget to share your experience or your friend’s reaction in the comment section below!


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