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Tips To Keep Your Linen Fresh and New!

Posted on January 19 2018

Linens are not easy to keep fresh and new looking all the time. You often purchase table linen or bedroom linen or also buy cushion covers online and curtains online which may look good but may not be necessarily easy to maintain. We at RANGRAGE are in the business of home decor and home furnishings online and hence we know the right kind of treatment that they require to make them stay longer and live a healthier and colourful life.
Here are some awesome tips and tricks from our end to help your bed or table linen feel lovely, fresh and new always!
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Even while a particular linen is in use on a daily basis, how you keep it is an important factor when it comes to its freshness and newness. The best way to store a linen while in use or not is to make sure that they are sitting in a cool, dark and very importantly dry place. The moment it will catch moisture it will absorb it and make mould of the same. Hence, even while not in use or in use, make sure that the linen is not laying in a misty or moisture laden place. The more the moisture the lesser life it will live. If you live close to the sea or any water body make sure that you reduce moisture, While storing them you could also throw in some silicone gel sachets that will absorb the moisture for you and avoid smelliness.
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Remember that linens are not the ordinary clothes that you just chuck into the machine and spin them clean. These are often made of different materials and they often require separate care. Hence, read the directions given with the linen. Our top tip in terms of keeping the line fresh and new is that you should avoid using detergent and other home remedies to wash them like vinegar and lemons etc, Instead we highly recommend just adding a spoonful of baking soda in the water spin in the machine and you will see them come out fresh and crisp.

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Make sure that linen you use is not being used constantly. Constant usage without any sort of care and pampering is sure to ruin the linen for you. Instead we suggest that you alternate it with other linen once a in a while but regular, fortnightly or so. Or you can also wash them more regularly and make sure they are cared for enough.
The next time you want to care for your linens keep these points in mind, these will help your linens live longer. Most of the times we forget that while linens add to the beauty of your homes at the same time they also go through a lot of wear and tear and hence to keep them cared for on a regular basis is the only way to keep them looking fresh and new for a very long period of time.
Hope these tips are of help to you. Do let us know how you keep your linen fresh in the comment section below.



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