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Styling Your Table The Artistic Way!

Posted on April 23 2018

Beauty lies in details and beauty doesn't necessarily have to be in excess. Sometimes small things like table linen for side tables, table runners, dining table placemats and dainty things like chai kulhads hanging from open kitchens can change the entire feel and look of the room or the house. If you too are the kinds who seeks beauty in small things then this is your time to come over and look into our website called RANGRAGE. We have been operating for over a few years now and specialise in home decor and home furnishings for the quirky ones. If you are tired of choosing and seeing the ordinary and run of the mill stuff then here is your chance to liven up your room with a light decor changes and a light pocket as well. Do have a look at our products to see what suits the theme and the feel of your home while styling your home tables the artistic way!

Table Linen

table Linens Online India

People do not give much importance to things like table linen but the fact is that when the linen is spread out on the table it occupies quite a bit of space. They are spread over to change the look and feel of everything around. So, in case you want to actually makeover a room then look around and invest little more in lovely shades and textures, table linens of different sizes on our websites. Our freelance artists bring out spectacular designs which we use on our products and they will definitely make your home stand out. Check them out.

Table Runners

table runners online
Table runners are not well utilized. If they were better utilised to create a correct contrast setting with the help of apt and matching or contrasting table and placemats they could actually make any odd and tattered table look alive and probably serve the purpose of a makeover for the room. We have a lovely range of table runners that could be placed with the set of table mats and table linen to create perfect sets of linen for good.


Placemats too are not a preferred option. Most people don't like using table mats. This is a personal choice but however if used for aesthetic reasons good quality table mats can actually enhance the artistic look of a table. So, if you are looking for an amazing range of placemats with a funky and quirky feel then have a look at our range that will give a stronger character to your table in the dining space or the living room.


kulhads online india

These days kulhads have really changed the way a kitchen,a living space or a table can look. You can see our fun range of kulhads and other table decoration accessories and see if you can use them correctly to enhance the look of the table. If you like it simple you can also use these kulhads to enhance the look of your kitchen

These are some simple suggestions to make any table in your house look more creative and aesthetic. Do try these from our range of products and see if it make a difference to the look of your house. Leave your comments in the section below!


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