Latest cushion cover trends?

Posted on June 11 2017

Upgrading and renovating rooms in your house is a fun, exciting experience as you get to make parts of your home new to you again. Even simple means of decoration such as repainting a room, rearranging a room, or adding simple touches can reinvent any space. Adding new cushions is a simple, convenient decorating move that will redecorate your living space all over again.


Cushions come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colour patterns. It’s important to choose the right shape, size, and colour for your furniture and your room. Let’s take a look at the latest trends that can help you choose the perfect collection to update your living space:

Latest Cushion Trends

Colour – In terms of colour schemes, rich, bold colours warm up and add a sense of comfort to a room, specifically the colours blue and red. These Hand-painted rich green are both great decorating colours, and using royal elephant artwork in these colours can add a great update to furniture. Another big colour at the moment is turquoise and we are seeing this in an increasing number of styles and patterns at the moment.

Patterns – Designs and patterns in a room are highly encouraged, and give a room a little more adventure and fun. If using patterns on furniture or walls is a little too loud for you, using them on cushions and pillows is the perfect way to add just the right amount of flare to a room. Eclectic Autumn and paisley patterns make great cushion patterns, and more trendy tribal and chevron prints also make for great cushion patterns. Mixing and matching cushion patterns in the same colour scheme is also popular in scatter cushion trends at the moment.

Design – Customized cushions are one of the most popular cushion trends at the moment where cushions carry the initial letter of name. These customized cushions are not just for gifts – they can find a home in even the most sophisticated of rooms. Conversation cushions are also a popular trend. These cushions have words printed on the front of them and say a variety of things. Some of the most popular conversation pillows and cushions say “Hello!” and “Bonjour!” amongst a plethora of other dialogue.

Shape – A square or rectangle shape is what we most commonly think of when picking out cushions, but don’t stray away from fun shaped and cut-out versions of cushions. Also in cushion trends, is the art of buying the same shaped cushion, in several different sizes. This adds a variety of levels and contrast when arranging your cushions on a sofa or bed.

No matter if you go for a classic print, a satin cushion or you venture out into a customized cushion, they are guaranteed to add a little spice and flare to any room.

Painter, designer, and author Neeti Jain launched RANGRAGE in 2012 in Muscat. Her design philosophy: combines vibrant colors and patterns to create a kaleidoscopic collection of tableware, furniture, and decorative accessories that epitomize "tradition with a twist." . RANGRAGE is dedicated to bringing style, craft, and joy to life.

RANGRAGE {Gifts & Decor for creative Types}



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