Home Decor Items That Are Trending Lately And Can Give Your Home A Quirky Look!

Posted on February 12 2018

Decorating a home these days is quite an expensive affair. The best way to work around it is to look for home decor that is going to make a difference and which is going to give your home a look which is fresh and new!

The simple and classic styles of mono coloured homes and minimalistic decor with no furniture is what makes homes a little boring. So, if you are looking to add a bit of glamour and a difference to the look and feel of your home then change its aura by scanning through our website called RANGRAGE. We are specialists in home decor and home furniture which is designed and made to incorporate the beautiful artistry of teeming freelancing artists across the country. From our experience in handling the business of home decor and home furnishings we would like to suggest a few affordable home decor items to give your home an instant jump in terms of aesthetics.

Hand Painted Kettles
Handpainted Kettles
Whether you are a beverage lover or not, we are sure you must having guests visiting your homes, right? You can check some really cool hand painted kettles, decorated and painted in lovely designs to add some instant jazz to your room or home. You can keep these hand painted tea kettles on the tables strewn around or you can also keep them in your kitchen and make sure to remove them when guests come to serve them some hot beverages.

Painted Bottles Online
Painted Bottles Online India
Painted bottles are latest trends in the home decor space that is catching up really fast. Yes, it is catching up as not only is it affordable but it looks quite awesome. The glass effect with the colour on the glass makes it gleam through in different light settings. So, choose a fun hand painted glass bottle from our range. It is affordable and will look awesome in your room.

Metal Wall Art
Metal Wall Art

Metal wall art has been in vogue to decorate dull old walls since a very long time now. But this is definitely a great way to decorate the old walls that are losing sales or for which you don't really have the moolah for a wash of paint. Metal works from our collection at RANGRAGE will definitely make you wonder about the great choice range you have of making your home walls a little more fun than they currently are!

Tissue Box Holders Online

Tissue Box Holders Online

These may seem boring but they actually do add a lot of spunk to a small table in a discreet corner of the living space or a room. Check our range of lovely and colourful tissue box holders online. The makes a great accessory for hand painted kettles to go with and can add a lot of glitz to a rather plain room.

These are some suggestions that we are making on behalf of our team of experts in the home decor space here. We think these options can make good props to add to your home decor feel.
Liven it up now and start ordering!


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