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DIY Decorative Bench – A Homemade Piece of Art

Posted on April 24 2017

A bench has always been part of our childhood, but I often find it missing these days. Our school days were full of endless conversations over the benches. But now it has become something to curate, so I thought of creative ways to re-launch it in new avatar.

I've been thinking of a DIY bench idea which will be perfect for house’s entryway. All you need is a wooden ply, size as per your wish (The one shown in picture is 16”. And for those simple metal legs, you can approach any metal fabricator and all you have to do is just inserting a nail.

If you've always wanted to add some DIY love in your home, then this is an excellent project to do because it's so easy. You don't need a hammer. You don't need a power drill. You don't need much. It's super straight forward

This bench can work as a coffee table or side table or a study table, if you have a small kid. They also have longer legs so you can build a console or desk or a bar table as well. It's brilliant. Honestly it will not take you more than 15 minutes to compile, ones you have the material ready with you. Now that's our kind of DIY. What do you guys think?

And ya, leaving it to you for the beautiful embellishments, let this one have a piece of you, your art, and your personality. We love greens, so we filled it up with planters. You can grace it in your own style.



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