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How to Redo home in less budget

Posted on June 11 2017

How to Redo home in less budget

Lets accept it, we cannot do floor-to-ceiling renovation every now and than, But don't let that stifle your enthusiasm. With the below guide, just a few small changes make rooms seem brand-new!

 Step 1: Decorating on a budget = de-clutter and embrace minimalism

I know this sounds like an odd way to ‘decorate’ but it really is the first step for reinventing your living room. When decorating on a budget, the idea of minimalism can help your bank balance and the results you achieve. As members of the modern world, we have a tendency to collect ‘things’, we then attach memories to these ‘things’, and we have a lot of trouble letting them go.

Step 1: Decorating on a budget = de-clutter and embrace minimalism

The living room is often the place that these items congregate. Because we have collected them over time, or been given them as gifts, often they don’t actually look very good sitting next to each other. You then think that your living room needs a makeover and don’t really know where to start. Well… the very first step in decorating on a budget is to de-clutter.

Take a walk around your living room. Look at any trinkets, side tables, doilies, vases, furniture, cabinets full of china or silverware and have a good think about which things your really like. Consider each item and think about what the room would look like without it there. If you decide the room could do without it, think about what you can do with that item. Remember, we’re decorating on a budget, so could you sell it on Quickr or Ebay and make a bit of money to spend on decorating what is left of your living room? Could you donate it to charity and give someone else the chance to love it in their home?

We know this can be a tough process, it can be like saying goodbye to an old friend, but remember, any fond memories you attach to an item won’t disappear when you let go of it. Good memories, by virtue of their very nature, will remain with you forever but if you are finding this process difficult try taking a photo of what you are removing so that you will have something to prompt those memories in the future.

So go ahead and consider each item in your living room and then come back and read the rest of this post when you have finished your de-cluttering. There’s plenty more to do in our decorating on a budget guide.

Step 2: Consider your lighting

Another odd step for ‘decorating’ isn’t it? But have a think about the rooms that you love to spend time in. What is the lighting like in that room? Is it a kitchen with bright sunlight flooding through the french windows? Or perhaps a dimly lit library or study with dark tones, ideal for curling up with a cup tea and a good book?

Lighting can make or break a room. If your lights are too bright and stark then no one will feel comfortable in the room, a room where the sole purpose is comfort! If your lights are too dim then it can create a sombre atmosphere that is difficult to shift. It might only take changing your light bulb to something more appropriate for the room, for you to completely change the character of the room. Now that’s decorating on a budget!

Step 3: Use living room cushions to pull your colors together

The rule of thumb when decorating a room is to have 2 to 3 central colors that flow throughout the room. Take a good look at your room and decide on what these colors are. Look at the main items in your room, the curtains, the sofa, and any art that is on the walls and find 2 to 3 central colors that flow through these items. Once you have your colors selected, you need to pull together these colors through a few well-considered living room cushions.

Living room cushions are a cheap alternative when decorating on a budget. They are also the easiest way to pull together all the elements in your room and make them fit together nicely. Now that you have your color palette on your computer, one of the easiest ways to shop for living room cushions is online, while referring to your color swatches. Take a good look through a range of different patterns, shapes and sizes of cushions and don’t limit yourself to choosing one type of cushion. The best way to centralize the colors in your room is by finding different cushion covers that each have one or two of your chosen colors. You may pair a designer red cushion that matches a red found in a piece of art on your wall with a light floral cushion that has some elements of the red as well as a beige color that is found in your curtains.

You can have a lot of fun with this process and the most important thing to remember is to be creative. Don’t stick to the same sized scatter cushion, mixing up rectangles with squares can create an extremely stylish look. As long as you stick to your central, you will be amazed at the difference a few cushions can make. This is a top tip for when decorating on a budget!

Step 4: A Bright Bottle for a Plant

A new place always feels more inviting and homey when you bring some natural elements. Pick up a bright painted glass bottle like this one for your first houseplant. Your beautiful new planter will bring a pop of color and style to bookshelves, look great as a centerpiece for a dining table or coffee table, or even work on a mantel or entry table.

Step 5: Do you need more space or less?

This is a really important question and it will help you determine your last step for living room decorating on a budget. If you have de-cluttered your room and it still feels small and cramped, well maybe that’s because it is. The best way to add perceived space and to increase the light in a room is by adding a mirror to the wall. If you have a window in the room, try to position your mirror on the opposite wall so that it catches any natural light and increases the brightness of your room. Alternatively, if you have a large space and your living room doesn’t feel like a place you could curl up and read a book, then you may want to consider a rug. Once again, it is important to consider the other elements of your room when choosing a color or pattern.

So there you have it, decorating on a budget is definitely achievable so get stuck in and revamp your living room!

Painter, designer, and author Neeti Jain launched RANGRAGE in 2012 in Muscat. Her design philosophy: combines vibrant colors and patterns to create a kaleidoscopic collection of tableware, furniture, and decorative accessories that epitomize "tradition with a twist." . RANGRAGE is dedicated to bringing style, craft, and joy to life.

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