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Posted on March 09 2017


Reinvent Your Apartment, Go Green… But Stay Stylish

Over past few years, apartment and society living has become a most sought after living options. It was a necessity in metro’s owing to space crunch, but tier two cities are also soon catching up. Apartments in society’s are now a complete living solution. One not only get the facilities but having company for all age groups is a priceless incentive.

But when you own up an abode among hundreds of the similar architecture, how do you create a difference in your interiors. How about going green in your interiors? No, I am not talking about green colour scheme; I am suggesting going eco-friendly in your interiors and decor. Here are few tips.

Reclaimed Wood

Furniture made from reclaimed wood doesn’t just look good—it minimizes the guilt of destroying the resources of nature every time you buy furniture. Reclaimed wood is stronger than most synthetic material, and every piece is unique, with a sheen that implies a long and rich history. Pieces like this reclaimed wood Bookshelf are stylish, sturdy, and sustainable. (Bookshelf by Pepperfry)

Reused Glass

Alot of creative options are available which are made out of using wine or liquor bottles. Using them not only reduces some burden on Mother Nature, but also enhances and brightens up your home. These glass vases could add a whimsical, homespun touch to your dining or living room. (Vases by

All Natural Fabrics, Ethically Sourced

Natural fabrics like wool and cotton are soft, breathable, and look great. The tradition of using Dhurries in Indian households dates long back. They are completely natural and are available in variety of colors and it can effortlessly fit into your decor. They’re also fair trade, which means that the people who make them are compensated fairly for their work. So you also get a chance to help someone somewhere.(Rug by West Elm)

Organic Mattresses

You can have ethically sourced 100% natural textiles for your bed or sofa, but what about the inside? Many mattresses are filled with synthetic materials whose production leaves a huge carbon footprint. Consider organic mattresses made from cotton or coconut husk fibers, latex made from rubber sap. These fillers come with cover that is dust mite and allergy free. The good part is that it also provides resistance to bacterial, fungal, and viral organisms. (Mattresses by

So go green in your decor, go green in your life.


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