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Posted on January 07 2016

A whole new trend of mythology is brewing everywhere, and must have made the gods up there smile in amazement. Gods and deities are back in fashion. Or they never went out of fashion? If Shiva Trilogy made mythology a bestseller in books, there’s scripture-inspired revolution going on television as well. Yet, all this cannot be more expressive than fashion, can it? Fashion today is screaming of God-inspired statements. But can mythology become everyday fashion? Let’s see.
Fashion designers all over the world are smitten by the persona of gods and deities so much so that they are conceptualising entire collections centered around these. Small elements of the various god personalities are being imbibed in distinct looking fashion prints, designs and themes. Designers are experimenting with colours and symbols representative of the specific powers and traits of deities.
One such designer is an artist at Rang Rage. She has contemporized the theme of gods, giving it a brand new treatment. The result is an interesting collection of hand-painted t-shirts for men, which oozes power and mysticism.
The elements of four gods in hand-painted fashion
The Rang Rage artist has intelligently showcased the four Gods – Krishna, Shiva, Ganesha and Buddha – with a contemporary fashion spin. Imagine when such a concept meets hand-painted apparel design, it takes fashion to a very unique level. The essence of Lord Krishna, Shiva, Ganesha and Buddha comes alive on men’s t-shirts that look heavenly. These t-shirts are extremely wearable since they are not over-the-top religious statements but subtle reminders of gods’ elements that are part of everyday life. Let’s take a look at this special collection:
Krishna Collection – The heart of this collection is in the omnipresence of God. It’s a human tendency to confine a universal God when we try to give him a form and a shape. Rang Rage artist took up this thought and conceived a very contemporary and stylish collection. The artist has picked up signs like the flute, peacock feather, hallow etc to create an aura of Lord Krishna on the t-shirts.
Ganesha series – Ganesha in Hindu mythology is the Lord of all beginnings. Symbolic to Ganesha’s auspiciousness, the artist has used bright colours, sometimes keeping Mandana designs found in Indian households at the backdrop. This collection oozes with positive vibes.
Buddha series – The artist has painted the “break-free” element of Lord Buddha onto this series. Without compromising with style quotient, this collection paints an apt picture of Lord Buddha who taught the world to shatter the bondage of mind and break the chains of emotions. Here too, the artist has used indirect ways to convey this essence.
Shiva collection – Just like Lord Shiva, this is a powerful statement in men’s fashion. Shiva’s quintessential characteristics such as him being limitless, transcendent, unchanging and formless, are painted artistically everywhere. The artist took up the formlessness of Shiva as the underlying theme of this collection, setting it apart from the usual league of glitz and glamour, and creating a fashion category of its own.
The artist who made mythology look hot
A powerful collection such as this had to come from the mind of someone who can look beyond mythology. Rang Rage is proud to have such a mind in an artist called Bharti. She believes that God is an intrinsic part of our lives and there are so many ways god has been defined. So she decided to catch the essence of the four personalities of gods, keeping them totally apart yet uniting them in one wonderful collection. A Fine Arts graduate, Bharti owns exceptional painting skills. And when it comes to hand-painting, she is very intuitive. Her intuitions are visible in the god-inspired collection that is much fashionable as it is spiritual. Keeping the ‘fundamentalist religion’ angle away, Bharti has incorporated universally appealing elements of all the four gods.
Experiment is at the core of everything that’s being designed and painted at Rang Rage. The latest collection of men’s t-shirts inspired by the four gods, is one such instance. Moreover, Rang Rage is blessed to have some amazingly creative artists who have an unparalleled imagination which gets reflected in all of our collections.
Do check out the God-inspired collection of Men’s t-shirts here:

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