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Posted on December 15 2015

Wedding is the ultimate celebration of all things ‘Made in India’ – right from the ceremonies, to decorations, to dances, food, marriage vows and wedding themes. From the sounds of Navrai Majhi in a Marathi wedding to Gal Mithi Mithi Bol in a Punjabi wedding, there’s one thing in common – the quintessential Indianness. What if YOU wish to spread happiness to your loved ones on your happiest day? Rang Rage has something of that in mind with its Wedding Gifts collection- designed keeping in mind the various rituals of Indian Weddings.

Little details in the wedding add to the overall cultural flavour. But when it comes to giving away some return gifts or memorabilia to those you love, you may have often come to a dead end. Rang Rage makes this task a cake-walk. We have a range of hand-painted wedding collection of products woven with love. It’s the simplest way to show you care for your guests as much as they care for you. Imagine yourself making a little effort for your friends coming to attend your wedding from far off places. Wouldn’t this gesture make them truly happy?

We know that true joy does not reside in the gifts that are volatile like sweets, popular kitchenware or such ingredients. So Rang Rage has thoughtfully designed an entire range of products that salute Indian Wedding in all its sanctity. These are not just the Tray sets, Wall clock, Mini painting, Kettle, Wall painting, Cushion covers or Clutch. These are small ways to truly pay a tribute to the spirit of Indian wedding. How? For instance, our Wedding Collection Team has designed a coaster set after the seven vows of Indian Marriage. Each coaster depicts a certain vow. Rang Rage has made a sincere effort to truly ‘celebrate’ Indian Wedding by embedding sacred elements in its entire wedding collection.

Hand-painted Wedding Vows Coaster Set

Rang Rage Team engaged in designing this wedding collection has tried to paint your feelings on the canvas. And this team is still ready to customize products such as cushion covers, coaster sets, trays etc that reflect the beauty of ceremonies like Mehendi, Haldi, Sagai etc. We figured that the best way to make your guests feel special is to gift them a range of hand-painted products of special artists – a creative and dedicated group of housewives. This group of artists is led by a creative design team that has researched, customized and created designs reflecting the sanctity of marriage. And when your guests receive these gifts, they shall realise that indirectly they have strengthened an unsung community of artists somewhere.


Imagine that moment when you step into your friend’s place after a few years and find the same artistic wall clock that you had gifted her/him on your wedding day? Or every time your best friend would serve Tea in the hand-painted trays, she would remember your wedding. These would be the moments Rang Rage has stolen away for you for future. It’s like the happiness that you tried to spread on your special day, coming back to you. That’s exactly what our artist housewives had in mind while painting our wedding gift collection.

There are many other things in the collection that you may pick. Rang Rage has seized the special opportunity of painting a charming and unique cushion cover set for the Baratis of a wedding. In fact, recently one of our buyers chose a series of Customized Kettle for all the participants of a Sangeet function to make them feel special and gifted as a small token of love.

Rang Rage is the pursuit of artistic elegance through which you convey the feelings to your near ones on the day of your wedding wordlessly. When an artistic clutch carried to a party gets a ‘Where-did-you-buy-it?’ question and in reply you get to say ‘It’s gifted’, we at Rang Rage feel our purpose of that moment of happiness is accomplished for you.

In the plethora of customized weddings gifts, Rang Rage has truly gone the extra mile by commemorating marriage vows and ceremonies into an artistic collection. So that whenever you think of customized spin to wedding gifts, think of Rang Rage.

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