Posted on August 06 2015

India is a land of the most vocal youth who move governments through candle marches over burning issues. Other times they light up the social media with tweets about phenomenal campaigns such as the Anti Corruption Campaign of Anna Hazaare. The youth often draw inspiration from history. They have glorious examples from the past like the sacrifice of Mahatma Gandhi or martyrs like Bhagat Singh. Rang Rage salutes Indian Youth and Indian independence struggle. And in its Independence Day collection, Rang Rage not only wishes to pay tribute to the spirit of freedom but also become a strong platform of expression for the youth.

 August is a special month for Rang Rage artists. It’s the time their hearts, minds and brushes long to express patriotism. As August 15th approaches, Rang Rage artists have created a whole new series of tees that are painted in the three symbolic colours that are part of India’s National Flag. The Independence Day palette at Rang Rage has two combinations of tri-clours saffron, green and white along with saffron, green and blue.


Reminiscing the glorious past of the independence struggle, the series of tees pays a heartfelt homage to Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi – whose solemn face has been painted on a white background in black with a slight dash of saffron and green. Following a similar theme, another tee salutes the proverbial martyr Bhagat Singh on a similar pattern. Yet another hand-painted tee design combines both the heroes as if comparing the two ways: violent and non-violent approaches of freedom struggles. These tees are representative of the interests of Indian youth who have a strong voice in political and ethical issues today. Be it the Anti-Corruption agenda of Arvind Kejriwal or the Digital India campaign of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, youth participate in public issues heartily.


India was called a ‘Golden bird’ until the British seized it. For almost 200 years, India saw its own wealth stripped off apart from its dignity. The chains thus are symbolic to slavery and this thought is beautifully translated by a Rang Rage artist on a black tee. One of the hand-painted designs has several layers of chain at the neck in tri-clours – truly depicting the rage against oppression and slavery. This thought is given another remarkable interpretation on a hand-painted tee that depicts free birds on black background and tricolours.

Our youth’s true spirit is often expressed on tee shirts with slogans. And Rang Rage artists have the pulse of the youth that is often vocal and objective. Unity is not when all of us are clothed in black or white but our thoughts should be colored with the same theme. Being clothed with this Independence theme would help a lot to spread the movement of unity. Translating this thought is a black tee with “Jai Hind” hand-painted on it or there’s a white tee with tri-coloured Peepal leaves.

 The phrase ‘Rang de basanti’ stands for ‘Colour me in saffron’ which is interpreted as someone who wishes to be painted in the colours of independence and integrity. Rang Rage’s latest tee collection totally lives up to this spirit.


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