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3 Top Things That You Can Gift This Valentine's Day!

Posted on February 06 2018

Valentine’s day is approaching! Are you thinking of ways to make it special for your loved one?

Of course love can be celebrated every day but if you want to make it special on that day of love then express it right by showing it. Tell them how much you love them by showing them your affection through gifts. We at RANGRAGE have a range of gifts that you can gift to your loved ones. We specialise in home decor and home furnishings and if your loved ones have a space of their own then this is the time to make it special for them. Here are some quick and fun ideas to choose from.

Antique wall clocks

antique wall clocks online

Anyone who has their own room or their little personal space will love a nice fancy wall clock. Starting from large wooden wall clocks to metal finished clocks to painted clocks or clocks made of ceramic, these days quirky wall clocks are making way to walls. Any barren wall or a simple room can come alive with a large lovely timepiece. If your loved one is fond of clocks and you think you would refurbish their room for them then don't miss this chance, its beauty plus utility.

Hand painted kettles

Does your love like tea? Or even coffee for that matter? If your loved one is a beverage lover then we have something that they will really enjoy showing off and also use it at the same time. Choose from a vast range of hand painted kettles from our online store. These kettles are hand painted with special designs coming from the creative skills of artisans across India who share their lovely design with us to imprint them on a gift and be forever present in the artefacts of aesthetics appreciators.

Handcrafted Curtains

Most people think that it is a task to get curtains made. Actually it is not. You can actually gift curtains to someone with great ease. Check out our home furnishings segment and see the lovely range of curtains that we have. Wonderful colours, lovely shades and subtle hues can actually bring in a lot of romance into any placid and plain jane room. So, want to liven up the room for your loved one? If yes, then try this fun but utilitarian way to add some more value to their daily lifestyle.

Other items that can also be gifted including small lovely things like designer tissue boxes and designer cushion covers which are available on our website online at very good and affordable prices. So, with Valentine’s day around the corner just scan through our website and you will see quite a few things that you can add to your to-give gifting list. This is the best time to express your concern and care, so do it right by gifting something that you think can add to their lives.


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