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3 Things That Will Brighten up your Living Room!

Posted on January 30 2018

Sometimes our rooms can begin to look boring to us. This is not because they suddenly lost colour, this is because we require a change. A change in the way we see our living spaces so that we feel differently and feel better. However, every time that we require a change we do not necessarily have the money to spend on our whims and fancies but here is a way in which we at RANGRAGE could help you with, a few tips from our end. We are in the business of home furnishings and home decor and know the consumer trends when people want to make their living spaces more colorful in a smaller budget but still make it a lot more better than the current state of your living room.

Experiment with your Curtains
Handcrafted Curtains Online

Why don't you experiment with the curtains in the living space? The fact is that curtains occupy maximum space on the walls and take away most of the bandwidth in any room. So, if you want to make it fun on a low budget then try some cool shades for your room from our premium range of curtains online. We have a home decor section filled with soothing shades and quirky designs to help you make your room all new again. Opt for classic curtains or the printed ones in glamour shades that can even brighten up the beauty quotient of your home.

Fusion of Cushions
Cushion Covers Online India

The most recent trend off late we have seen being experts in home decor and furnishings sphere is the fun fusion of ethnic and western prints of cushion covers that people use to make their living spaces look different. Mix ethnic Indian printed cushion covers and fun or classic printed, or geometric printed cushion covers. This odd mix feels wrong right now while reading but in reality looks quite cool. Just make sure that the color shades match. Try and see our designer cushion covers and see if this suggestion fits your bill and your sensibility of aesthetics.

Wall Clocks
Wall Clocks Online India

Ever wondered what to do with an empty wall? Walls are not just to stare at - make use of the wall and give them a little character thus adding more definition to the look of your living space. Our vast range of wall clocks online on our website are great time pieces that are here to give you the kind of look your home might require, starting from classic metal, to wooden top painted glass, you will find them all.

Check our website if you are looking for wall clocks online.
Handcrafted Vintage Yellow Wall Clock
The next time you think of decorating your home and have a limited budget look no more than our website. You will find the best deals at the lowest prices. Finessed to suit the latest of the young and the older generation we are here to give you real options and a true sense of what you might require from the deal. Try it now and see your living space become more colourful in no time at all!


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