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3 Gifting Ideas This Valentine's

Posted on February 06 2018

Are you searching for some fun gift ideas for valentine's day gift? Yes, most people around this week will be looking for ways and thinking of things to gift their beloveds. There are tons of ideas that might strike you but the ones that will be worth pursuing maybe few. We at RANGRAGE are in the business of home decor and home furnishings and based on our expertise in the gifting space, we might be able to suggest some fun gifting ideas for this valentine's day.

Here are our top 3 gift ideas this Valentine's Day!

Large Wall Clocks

Is your beloved always late for your date nights? Does he/she take time to get ready? Does he/she sleep in and forget about the movie show times? Is he/she running late to office or college? If any of the above concludes to a YES then the best thing you can gift is a large wall clock. No, seriously! Well, you need not mention it explicitly though, it will still enhance the look of the home so its worth gifting a clock!

There is something very classy about gifting a large wall clock to your mate. Choose from a range of wooden, metallics and fun wall clocks. Depending on how the house is or the setup and feel of thehome is you can choose a wall clock accordingly. Go either funky or either classic altogether.

Cool linen

Most Men do not really get into decorating home stuffs, yes may be he may choose a painting or the wall color but not more than that. This is where your expertise will jump in! Choose from our range of curtains, cushion covers and table linen. Lovely shades, colours and prints will not only help you lift up the mood and ambience of the home, but will make for an ideal gift. Personalize it a little based on your tastes, this is your chance to make the shift in his room, the way you like, do not miss it.

Gifts For Tea lovers

For all the night outs or sleep overs or evening gossips that you both catch up on, check our range of hand painted tea kettles and some hand painted cutlery that you can enjoy taking sips from. And if they love tea this can be an add on and will definitely make them fall in love with you even more! These hand painted kettles can be used for actually serving beverages while at the same time they can be used as a decorative items and can be kept in the living areas as home decor. Utility being abundant, this is a great gift.

These are some great gifting ideas from our side here at RANGRAGE. Check our website for more gifting ideas like these.

What are you gifting this season? Let us know in the comment section below.


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