Posted on June 05 2015

“This is called the 'Naubat Khana'. It was the musician's hall. When the king used to enter or leave the palace, the musicians played their instruments. They also played on special occasions or royal ceremonies,” guide explained on the tour of Red Fort in Delhi. History carries so much beauty and inspiration. The memory of the place and images of the instruments did not leave me when I left Red Fort.

Back home, when I returned to Indore, I sat with our designers to explore more about Naubat Khana and how we can take inspiration from the subject and put it across in a creative way. As we searched about it we came to know that ‘Naubat or Naqqar khana” was a distinct sign of Mughal architecture and its name literally means ‘drum house’. The term ‘nau’ represents nine, and it originally was ensemble of nine instruments. . But in some South Indian palaces, the naubat had eighteen instruments.

When we delved in depth about the instruments, each instrument carried a beautiful story and a history. So we decided to create a product inspired from this theme. Cushions seemed an ideal start, we could visualize each cushion carrying an instrument, imagine the ensemble of nine such instruments in your decor, and won’t it add an ‘Absolute Royal Touch’ to your decor.

We tried to recreate the ‘Royal Magic’ through depicting the subject in Tanjore style. Tanjore is a classical south Indian Painting style, which draws its inspiration from way back about 1600 AD. It originated in Maratha court of Thanjavur.

Tanjore paintings are known for their rich, flat, vivid colors, and excessive use of gold foil embellished with precious and semi precious stones. We took our inspiration from this style and what our artist created became a truly royal product. We also used Swarovski to enhance the design and keep is as near to the original art as possible.

In our experiment to merge history with modernity, we are also trying to work a colourful version of instruments on cushions. So now you can get glimpse of royal court in your home as well.

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  • ruchika: June 24, 2015

    Nice osam

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