Posted on June 05 2015

There was this young boy who breathed and lived every moment of his life with the dream of becoming a great painter.

He didn’t have the means to become one but what he had was this undying faith and aspiration to fulfil his dreams. He came from a very humble background; struggling his way up in life without ever giving up. Starting his career by painting hoardings for films and earning just about Rupees five for his , he went on to become one of the highest paid artists of India. This man was none other than the late M F Hussain.

What we learn from Hussain’s life is that one should relentlessly pursue one’s dreams and keep working on them till they are achieved. Right till the age of 95 years, Hussain faced many obstacles yet he went on chasing his art....his dreams.

There are examples galore which give us the same lesson – only if you aspire, you succeed.

Often when we face difficulties, we tend to give up and compromise on our aspirations. A man who once aspired to become a painter gives up on his wish for raising his family, becoming the bread winner. More often than not he spends the rest of his life as a bored banker or an uninspired manager doing his tasks but without any motivation.

Likewise, women too forget their paints and brushes for nurturing the family – taking care of children, elders, etc. She prioritizes other responsibilities in life above her true passion.

But suddenly one day it beckons on the person that his or her true happiness is not in what he or she has been doing but in his/her real love – the love of art.

It is this awakening which propels one to take the difficult path of pursuing their true passion. A person goes back to search his lost self and in due course succeeds in discovering it.

As inspiring it may sound, the road to this self discovery and going back to what one likes can be really tough. For one, picking up from where you left is difficult and secondly leaving your comfort zone and struggling your way up is tougher.

At such a stage, if a helping hand is offered, it makes things easy.

Rang Rage is one such organization which helps people realise their unfulfilled callings. It gives a platform to artists to showcase their talent in the form of painting artefacts and other lifestyle products. You can be a housewife, a student, a senior citizen, a worker, a vocational artist, or anybody, all you need to know is to play with your colours and brushes.

Rang Rage helps you live your long forgotten dream and make you sit back and ponder why wasn’t I doing this till now? What stopped me from this? And the best part is that it helps you gain monetary benefits alongwith doing something which you really like.

The steps to becoming a painter are extremely simplified – just bring out the brushes and colour from under the closet and paint a whole new meaning to your life with Rang Rage!

There is no better day than today. Life is here and now!


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