Posted on May 07 2015

“As she was walking down the streets, one could notice the sway of her handbag as if it were Bags - the singularly most useful invention known to man and the inseparable twin of woman. Apart from serving the purpose of coming handy for carrying various items, bags also accentuate the glamour of one’s appearance. From the beaded bags used by the ancient African priests to the haute couture tote of the modern lady, handbags have historically been the carriers of secrets and also the signifiers of power, status, and beauty.

Though different bags serve different purposes; the best bags are the ones that match your personality and style. Anything with a dose of Indian culture either in apparel or accessories is a keeper. Imagine when this blends with a dab of heart-to-heart designs. In one of its most unique offerings, Rang Rage has made its hand bags look glamorous yet earthly. This exquisite collection boasts of tote styled handbags with fabulous designs that are hand-painted on Raw Silk and Canvas. You can pair them with your casual wear to office or to hangouts with friends and be assured of

These bags are a blend of old designs with contemporary moods. They’re structured and yet classy. This collection of hand-painted handbags has high-end finishes with the use of the best quality materials available. The designs portray beautiful elements of Nature, Peacock Art as well as Ajanta and Mughal- inspired motifs.

 The tote bags christened as ‘Modish’ – hold true to the name. What makes the concept unique is that Rang Rage promotes the artistic skills of the different artists who collaborate with them. These artists put their best ideas forward and make the ancient art forms alive through the magic of painting. 

The Ethnic-Mythological Touch

Rang Rage has an entire range of ethnic-mythological blend that combines Indian roots with a modern look. It has Ajanta Glory, Ancient Revival, Ancient Tales or Archaic Ajanta designs containing figures from the Ajanta paintings that add a dramatic look to the hand bags. The Buddha Blessing ones on the other hand have figures of Gautam Buddha. 

The Minimalist and Motif Hues

For those who keep it subliminal, there are a few hand bags that have a minimalist touch to them. The hand-painted Sublime Motif handbag is a combination of abstract and floral with detailing to complete the style. The Minimalistic magic and Minimalistic Charm are truly charming for the tastes of those who love to be classy. The Motif designs are completely experimental and bold yet pleasant to the taste.

Some experimental handbags

Rang Rage artists have clearly experimented quite a bit in this range where they have designed a handbag with just booti or given a classy ornamental touch. They have also painted maple leaves on some or played with the ‘locks’ in some. Customers would be pleasantly surprised to find even Masaba design making an appearance on the handbags.


The art maybe on the revivalist mode, however the handbags are totally contemporary in the utilitarian aspects. Each of the handbags has two interior pockets that hold most of the must-haves and knick-knacks that every woman can’t do without. While yes, looks do matter to most women, a little bit of utility only enhances the beauty of the product. And the Rang Rage handbags have succeeded in a third angle to this combination – hand-painted art!


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