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DIY Dotty Jeans

Posted on April 07 2015


1. Circular Sponge Brush 

2. 3 sheets of Vellum

3. Fabric Paint

4. Cutting Board or Ruler

5. Circular Punch 

6. Hairdryer 


1. To make the stencil I first punch out a couple dots from a spare sheet of paper, put them on my cutting board and then laid the velum over top to mark the edges and center of the dots.

2. I did this over the whole sheet of vellum and made sure that my first row at the top of the paper only had halves of the dots, this will make it easier for you to line up the stencil with already painted dots later on.

3. Once your vellum is marked punch out as many dots your punch will allow you to reach.

4. Fold the vellum so the crease runs through the center of your dot marks and use the marks to punch through the folded paper. Continue this until all of the dots are punched out.

5. Repeat steps 1–4 to make one or two more stencils like your first one. The paint will make the paper a little wrinkly so you want to have replacements as you go.

6. Start From the top of the Jeans by dabbing your paint over the stencil. I like the distressed look so I dabbed more paint over some dots than others.

7. Keep on going and lining up your stencil as best you can each time!

8. It is a good idea to blow dry the paint one leg at a time because this stuff will trick you and smear really easily if it’s not totally dry.



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