Posted on April 04 2015

In India an average housewife paints. There’s neither anything new in the phenomenon nor surprising. Girls in India are given an upbringing that steers them towards artistic things like drawing, crochet, painting, sewing, embroidery etc.

Sounds boring? Yes it does, until you hear that this seemingly trivial stint with art gets them international exposure.This has been made possible by an off-beat yet up-market design house of apparels and home décor known as Rang Rage. Standing by its name, Rang Rage has successfully added colours into the lives of numerous housewives whose paintings are now international best-sellers. Interestingly enough, their paintings are not only part of the wall decoration in the drawing rooms. They are also on tee shirts, wall clocks, clutches, tea kettles, trays, photo frames to name a few of their offerings. And these products are crossing boundaries. They have found takers outside India and in a world full of numerous opportunities.

Take the example of 40-year old housewife Nidhi Jain. At Rang Rage, she not only found her lost passion, she also succeeded in transforming the thinking of her family towards her art, thanks to the international exposure her designs got. Similarly, 39-year old Heena regained a lost confidence when she started painting for Rang Rage. “Rang Rage gave wings to my ambitions once again, something I had lost after getting married. I realized that I needed to think big if I wished to be an accomplished artist,” says Heena.

Rang Rage’s business model consists of artists most of whom are housewives. They are given complete flexibility of working. For example, if they face any opposition from the family on working outside, they can bring painting tasks at home and submit at the workshop within a deadline. As these housewives start working with Rang Rage, the in-house team gives them an exposure to contemporary designs that are sold worldwide.

“We give them enough freedom to experiment and come up with new ideas. As long as their designs sell, we don’t mind the experiments,” informs Rang Rage Founder Gagan Jain.

Moreover, for the first time, these housewives are learning various other art forms from across the world at Rang Rage workshop. No wonder that their designs have an international market where customers want exclusivity.


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